Briefs Crested Butte

Busy streets means money in the bank
Sales tax for June set a new record for the month. It was up 7.4 percent over 2013. $248,711 was collected in Crested Butte in June. For the first six months, sales tax revenue is up 10 percent over last year. In fact, $1,082,545, or about $100,000 more than in 2013, has been collected by the town. And July is still not on the books. “Every month so far this year, with the exception of April, has set another record for town,” said Crested Butte finance director Lois Rozman. Responding to a council question, Rozman said she could provide a breakdown of sales tax for overall retail marijuana sales starting with the July report.
In that busyness realm, town marshal Tom Martin told the council at the August 5 meeting that town has been extremely busy and the last part of July was as busy as he as ever seen it in Crested Butte. Ever.

Bears aren’t busy in town Martin said the department has had a relatively easy summer when it comes to bears in town. He told the council there have been fewer than a half dozen bear calls so far this summer. He said the young cubs marshals have dealt with are easily chased out of town. “Kudos to the businesses, residents and weather for helping to discourage bears from coming into town,” Martin said. “The trash is locked up and the backcountry is full of food. That is all good for us.” Transportation plan on the horizon Town planner Michael Yerman said data is being collected by transportation consultants hired by the town. They will analyze the information and then present their findings to the town. The initial plan is to have a public meeting to review the conclusions on September 25. Baxter Gulch trail Yerman said the Baxter Gulch trail is looking good after Western Colorado Conservation Corps volunteers worked on it this summer. He said an overnight workday is being planned this fall to help further extend the trail located just south of town. Sales tax ballot question set The council approved formal language for a ballot question asking citizens to raise sales and use tax to 4.5 percent for town. That money would be earmarked for Parks and Recreation Department. Crested Butte citizens will vote on the issue this November. Town manager Todd Crossett said the staff would be holding “objective, fact-based” meetings on the proposal for interested groups. A presentation to the local Rotary Club is planned soon. Road work to avoid road rash Public Works director Rodney Due said that the scouting crew for the USA Pro Challenge bike race came into town, and is asking that some roadwork be done near the major race turn at Second and Whiterock. While not in his current budget, Due said the work would be necessary sometime soon. So the council gave the okay for some paving and repair work in the Second and Whiterock area before the race on August 19. Easement work for new gage Due said he was working with the Coal Creek Watershed Coalition and U.S. Geological Survey to rework easements, allowing a new and improved water monitoring gage in town. The request came from CCWC president Steve Glazer and the council supported this initial move.

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