Briefs Mt. Crested Butte

Town Picnic a success
The annual Mt. Crested Butte Town Picnic was held Aug. 1, and according to town manager Joe Fitzpatrick it was a “definite success.” Todd Barnes manned the grill, cooking ribs for the more than 70 people in attendance. “Todd did a real good job with the ribs,” said Fitzpatrick. Town staff suggested the council begin to think about next year’s picnic, if it should be held, and, if so, if the date should be changed so that it would not conflict with the Crested Butte Arts Festival. 

Council approves Special Entertainment District The council passed a resolution approving the creation of a special entertainment district within the town of Mt. Crested Butte. Creation of the district is in preparation of a possible large event that may occur this September. It allows for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in a “common consumption area.” The resolution will expire on Dec. 31, 2014 unless extended by the council. Housing Authority moves forward with Anthracite Place/Caddis Flats Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority Executive Director Karl Fulmer updated the council on the affordable housing project underway in Crested Butte. The project has just entered the construction design phase, and Fulmer said the Housing Authority hopes to see approval of the general plan by February of this year. “Ultimately we’ll start construction in May 2015 with units coming online in May 2016,” said Fulmer. “The Upper Valley needs two more developments like Caddis Flats in the next seven to ten years.” Community Builders Task Force seeks backing Russ Forrest and Cathie Pagano from the Gunnison County Planning Department updated the council on a newly formed task force designed to increase the understanding of economic prosperity county-wide. The task force is working with the Sonoran Institute to create a visioning process and action plan for the county. Forrest asked the council to consider joining other valley governments in funding the task force. “Just your participation and some monetary compensation is appreciated,” he said. Councilperson David O’Reily voiced concerns. “Ten years ago Gunnison County took part in a comprehensive study that they spent a lot of time on and that the Sonoran Institute was part of,” he said. “I don’t know how much dust is on that research, but I’m concerned you’re asking for $4000 to $5000. This sounds great, and I know about Sonorran, and the task they did ten years ago was equally great, but I’m not sure what has come of that.” Council to support Land Trust purchase The town council voted unanimously to give $30,000 to the Crested Butte Land Trust for its purchase of the Promontory Ranch acreage on Snodgrass Mountain, after town mayor David Clayton told the council, “We have plenty of money.” Hillside annexation approved After struggling with the details of an amendment related to maximum square footage, the town council voted to pass an ordinance annexing the property known as the Hillside Parcel. The hiccup came when the property developer requested the maximum square footage for a structure on the property be increased from 8,500 square feet to 10,000 square feet. The council decided to accept the change, in part because they felt that accepting 1,500 more square feet was worth having the lot, which has sat abandoned for several years, cleaned up.

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