Weed bust rant

Let me rant for a second.
Believe it or not, I don’t smoke a lot of weed these days so this isn’t personal. But the Forest Service law enforcement types cracking down on weed smokers in the woods of the National Forest drives me a bit batty. I don’t know much, but I know there are better ways to spend our tax dollars.

The feds apparently thought it a great use of time and money to send a young-looking 20–something to the hills of Crested Butte last week. There they snooped into the woods and followed the secret trails to the places some locals stop between runs for a safety break. When offered a polite toke, they pulled out a badge and popped a surprise ticket on the skier. How do they get back into their uniforms and sleep at night?

I have long argued for the legalization of marijuana. I think it is a good thing. I think marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol and not even close to the same category the feds put it in, which is alongside heroin. The debate in my mind has been settled for the most part with the Colorado legalization experiment. With the exception of some edible issues, legal weed has gone smoothly in Crested Butte and the state. It has real medical benefits for some in need and is a better alternative for others than a shot of tequila. Medical or recreational, marijuana use is not the demon taking down America.

Look, I would always cringe when I saw some impolite slacker smoking weed in the lift lines at CBMR.
I really am not a fan of sloppy drunks pounding PBRs in the lift line either.
My kids grew up here and so their first olfactory recognition was probably dog poop during spring melt and marijuana on the chairlifts in the winter. Both are uncomfortable but somewhat expected.
It’s not appropriate everywhere all the time. Going into the privacy of the woods to smoke in private is not really out of line.
And I am in total support of busting someone so stoned or drunk that they put others in danger. That would be a zero tolerance issue for me.
But having a beer or a smoke or a gummy bear while recreating seems almost part of the recreational ski deal. If it’s not over the line, it’s probably fine.
But instead the Forest Service is looking to collect a fine and that’s making me shake my head. And trying to get them to disperse any meaningful information on such incidents is tough. It’s almost like they’re sort of embarrassed. Maybe they should be.

From what I can see and smell, there is a lot less public weed out on the hill this year compared to a few seasons ago. That’s probably not because of undercover busts but rather because with legalization, people understand the rules more. That’s an overall good thing. So with major improvements happening organically as a result of legalization, why send the up-and-coming Barney Puffin’ Fifes on a weed chase when things are obviously moving in the right direction?

In the meantime, be aware and don’t share with people you don’t know. It is still illegal on National Forest Property.
Sorry about the rant…Maybe I need to start smoking more weed.

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