Preliminary discussions underway about potential CBCS expansion

Superintendent soliciting advice from industry professionals

by Olivia Lueckemeyer

During his report at an April 4 board of education meeting, RE1J school district superintendent Doug Tredway introduced plans to consult with industry professionals about a potential expansion of the Crested Butte Community School.

On the structural front, Tredway is seeking advice about expansion from Crockett Farnell of Black Dragon Development. Farnell is not only a local contractor, but also a member of BOZAR. The two will look at the existing footprint of CBCS and determine whether a second story can be added to certain sections of the structure.

“We want to look at the existing footprint and have a conversation with Farnell to see if this is a possibility or a pipe dream,” Tredway said.

Tredway is confident that Farnell’s expertise will be valuable in the district’s decision-making process. A walkthrough of the building has been scheduled so that Farnell can provide a meaningful assessment.

For long-term plans, Tredway sought the services of the Dolinka Group, an organization that conducts facility assessments and population studies as a means to prepare for growth. Tredway is speaking with representatives from the company about options for building expansion in case student population growth continues.

Looking at preschool and kindergarten figures, Tredway predicts a downturn in growth, however he wants to be prepared for any scenario.

Tredway is hoping the Dolinka Group can provide insight into how population trends may progress in future years, and how this may determine a need for larger or additional facilities.

“We are reaching out to them to see what they can offer us based on population trends,” Tredway said. “When we get information from them, we can make a clearer point on what we can do when populations expand.”

A walkthrough of the facility has also been scheduled with representatives from the Dolinka Group. Tredway was adamant that the district is not breaking ground any time soon, but that certain steps are being taken toward a final solution.

“There is a possibility that we may need to do some expansion in the next decade,” Tredway explained. “We are making steps and having conversations about our plan.”

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