Density cut request for housing project

County requests to reduce number of units and change to for-sale affordable housing

By Cayla Vidmar

The Mt. Crested Butte Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, July 5 at 4 p.m. regarding a Gunnison County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) application to reduce the number of units proposed on Pitchfork lot 34 from six to four, and change the use from long-term rentals to for-sale deed-restricted units.

Pitchfork is a tight subdivision with notoriously difficult parking, according to Mt. Crested Butte community development director Carlos Velado, which the alteration to the PUD addresses. Fewer units will allow for garage parking in the four proposed units instead of on-street parking.

The BOCC is proposing a townhouse concept with two three-bedroom units and two two-bedroom units. According to the memorandum submitted to the planning commission from Velado, “Pitchfork is a very dense subdivision at 13 units/acre. The layout of the subdivision coupled with this density has presented several problems, most notably snow removal and parking during our winters.” Based on the memorandum, the proposal is reducing the number of units on the lot, which will allow for those units to have garages, and will theoretically reduce the parking impact in the neighborhood.

The Planning Commission will also be considering the proposal to change the units from long-term rentals to for-sale deed-restricted units. In the memorandum, Velado states, “The Planning Commission shall judge if allowing for the units to be sold to a qualified buyer is in the best interests of the town or if the existing long-term local renter is the better option.”

A public hearing will be held on Thursday, July 5 at 4 p.m. If the Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the Town Council, the council will hold another public hearing and consider the application at a future date.

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