Local Election Results

With 7,925 Gunnison County ballots counted, Roland Mason continues to lead in the District 3 county commissioner race with 63% of the votes (4,879) compared to Bob Schutt’s 37 percent or 2,827 votes.
In the race for county sheriff, John Gallowich has garnered a whopping 5,790 votes compared to Mark Mykol’s 1,909. That is about 75% to 25%.

Ballot issue 6A, the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority’s proposed property tax increase, continues to go down with about 60 percent or 4,578 of the people voting against the measure compared to 3020 voting for it.

And 7D, the Gunnison Met Rec issue is passing 54 to 46 percent or 3,950 affirmative votes compared to 3,333 people against the initiative.

Gunnison County election official Diane Followell says there are still approximately 1500 to 2000 votes to count and the office will resume tabulating those ballots Wednesday morning. We will update the information as we get it.

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