Latest public health order signed Saturday

Gunnison County Public Health director Joni Reynolds signed the latest public health order Saturday that begins to loosen restrictions on the community dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. It goes into effect April 27. The order is the beginning of returning to business as sort of usual while monitoring the virus and its spread in Gunnison County. While signed on Saturday, April 25 the order does not take effect until Monday, April 27. Some highlights include:

Non-resident homeowners being welcomed back with a mandatory 7-day isolation upon their arrival.

Group sizes will now be okay with up to 10 people.

Retail will be allowed open to customers with public health measures and guidance on May 1. That was originally scheduled to occur May 4.

Realtors will be able to show property starting starting Monday.

Professional offices with no more than 10 people will be allowed to be used starting May 4.

The county is looking to align with the state on personal services with hair salons, etc on May 1. Not including limited personal training or spas.

Read the entire amended health order by clicking on the link below:…/04/Eighth-Amended-1-1….

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