Resort announces pass holder credit

FROM CRESTED BUTTE MOUNTAIN RESORT: Thank you for your patience as we worked on a plan to honor your loyalty and give you peace of mind for the future.

To address last season’s unexpected resort closure, 19/20 season pass holders will get at least a 20% credit, and up to 80% based on how much you were able to use your pass, to apply toward a pass for next season. Epic Day Pass and Edge Card holders with unused days are also eligible for credits, up to 80%.

To provide you with peace of mind, we are introducing FREE Epic Coverage for 20/21 pass holders, which will provide refunds for certain resort closures, including events like COVID-19, as well as for eligible job loss, injury and more. ​

To give you the time you need, we are eliminating our spring deadlines, giving you through Labor Day (Sept. 7) to use your credit and to lock in 10 Buddy Tickets. We will also continue offering the lowest up-front pass deposit of only $49 down. ​

Throughout these unprecedented times, we remain #EpicTogether. Details:

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