COVID-19 remains at bay in Gunnison County

Mid-summer check-in remains positive

[ by Mark Reaman ]

As we move through the busiest time of summer tourist season the county’s coronavirus numbers remain stable. Despite a copious amount of visitors from places like Texas that have a relatively low vaccination rate, Gunnison County is seeing about seven new positive COVID-19 tests a week and that’s the same rate as has been seen for several months.

“In our local testing, we continue to see about a positive test a day which has been the trend throughout the early summer,” explained Gunnison County public information officer Loren Ahonen. “However, it was noted that last week we didn’t have any seriously ill individuals, though we do have a county resident who continues to be hospitalized outside our community.”

According to the Colorado data, 16 cases of the Delta variant have been identified in Gunnison County since sequencing for that variant began. Additionally, Ahonen said the county is attempting to re-swab every positive test to send out for sequencing to the state.

Ahonen reported that Gunnison County public health director Joni Reynolds noted that we continue to see cases in the community but not at an alarming rate (similar to the rate we saw in May and June). He did say that a significant majority of these new cases have been in unvaccinated people.

As of this week, 61 percent of the total Gunnison County population is fully vaccinated. About 70 percent of the eligible population has been vaccinated while 74 percent have received at least one dose. That is credited in part with keeping the COVID transmission rate low this summer.

“The incredible public participation in vaccinations alongside the fact this is such an outdoor community, both play a role in limiting infections,” concluded Ahonen. “We are continuing to keep an eye on things but right now for a busy summer, it all looks pretty good.”

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