CB council sends letter in support of county reducing house size

Supports review for homes larger than 4,200 square feet

[ By Mark Reaman ]

The Crested Butte town council is sending a letter to the Gunnison County Commissioners asking them to support the move to reduce the house size threshold in the county that requires a more thorough review by the planning commission instead of simply going through an administrative review. The commissioners will consider the move on September 7.

Basically, any primary home structure proposed in the county up to 10,000 square feet can be reviewed by the county planning department. If larger it must go through a planning commission review. The county planning commission is advocating that the square footage be adjusted so that any primary home gets reviewed at 4,200 square feet or a combined development on the property from 12,500 square feet to 5,700 square feet.

The decision comes after a large house proposed for the Slate River drainage a mile from Highway 135 caused an uproar by citizens over its size, location and visibility. The town letter to the commissioners says that reducing the size needed for review to 4,200 square feet “is more aligned with the town’s perception of appropriateness for the North Valley.”

The letter makes clear that the natural environment and open space are critical to the local economy, wildlife, watershed and ranchlands. “The economics and financing of development occurring in the town and North Valley today dwarf the economics understood when the town and county regulations were drafted,” the letter reads. “The town is specifically concerned about the impact of development throughout the Slate River Valley from an environmental perspective. The river’s health and beauty are critical to the wellbeing of the Crested Butte community and all of Gunnison County.”

The letter also requests there be further collaboration between the town and county to holistically plan for the future of the North Valley. The town, county and Mt. Crested Butte all have comprehensive planning exercises planned for their jurisdictions in the near future.

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