An interview with standup comedian and positive psychology expert Anthony Poponi

Bringing an adult smoothie to the Center for the Arts on Tuesday, November 2

[ by Anthony Poponi ]

It’s the offseason so the CB News was short on reporters (plus we couldn’t cover hazard pay for this story) so we had former resident Anthony Poponi interview…himself…to get the inside scoop on his upcoming event “Get More Happier” being hosted at the Crested Butte Center for the Arts on November 2. Take it away, Anthony…

Reporter Poponi: Well, damn. You look amazing. How do you still look so young? Botox?
Anthony: Some would say it’s my youthful zest!

Reporter Poponi: Do you mean immaturity?
Anthony: Potato pot-ah-to. Can we talk about the event, please?

Reporter Poponi: So “Get More Happier” is the name. Let’s hope the event’s content is more impressive than your grammar.
Anthony: Who’s side are you on anyway? Is this a roast or an interview?

Reporter Poponi: Potato pot-ah-to
Anthony: Touche.

Reporter Poponi: What will people learn?
Anthony: Really there are nine big topics we’ll cover on the myths, truths and how to focus on what really creates happiness.

Reporter Poponi: And what’s the format for the event?
Anthony: Part comedy show, part improv, part workshop part TED talk ideally with a cocktail in hand. It’s an adult smoothie on happiness.

Reporter Poponi: Mmmmm, margaritas are my favorite adult smoothie. Give us one myth about happiness.
Anthony: A margarita a day keeps the scurvy away! So, a myth. We’re not meant to be happy all the time. There are several aspects to happiness and we each need a unique mix of purpose and hedonism to live a joy-filled and purpose-filled life.

Reporter Poponi: Fascinating! Are we talking about hedonism like the tomfoolery you’ve been involved in while streaking in downtown Gunnison or the townie bike takeover at The Stash?
Anthony: I was out of town when those events happened.

Reporter Poponi: No you weren’t I was there!
Anthony: Why are you sabotaging me…um…us?!?!?

Reporter Poponi: I’m an investigative reporter right now and I’m investigating local hijinks.
Anthony: Investigating?!?! Consider this case closed. [Anthony walks out and intentionally knocks over the reporter’s coffee]

Reporter Poponi: To get the full scoop I guess you’ll have to attend. Show up at the Center for the Arts November 2 and maybe you’ll “Get More Happier!” than Anthony is right now. For more info:

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