Snowmaking begins at CBMR

Getting close to opening day

[ by Kendra Walker ]

While we all do our snow dances in hopes that some more natural storms are in our near future, snowmaking is underway at Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) in preparation for Opening Day on November 24.

Snowmaking began on November 3 on Lower Keystone and Warming House Hill, confirmed CBMR communication manager Will Shoemaker. “Our team will next move to the learning area and trails under and adjacent to the new Peachtree lift before focusing snowmaking efforts from the top of Red Lady Express lift down through and including Houston. Our crews are working hard to prepare us for Opening Day and a great season ahead. As always, our intention is to provide our guests with the best early season ski and ride experience possible.”

While temperatures have not been ideal for snowmaking in recent days, he said, the snowmaking team has been able to take advantage of periods of cold temperatures conducive to snowmaking.

CBMR’s water for snowmaking comes from the East River. “We carefully monitor our water diversions for compliance with all flow requirements and to ensure we are operating within our water rights,” explained Shoemaker. “We typically make snow until just prior to the holidays to supplement natural snowfall and help ensure the best possible early season conditions for our guests.”

Shoemaker said that the water used for snowmaking is then stored in the form of snow during the winter and melts in the spring and summer. A large percentage of the water used for snowmaking then cycles back into the local watershed.

“We are off to a good start. We will continue to make snow whenever conditions allow to add to any natural snowfall we receive,” he said. “With snowfall in the forecast this week as well as cold temperatures conducive to snowmaking, we’re getting very excited for Opening Day on November 24.”

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