CBMR increases snowmaking efforts to open more terrain

Prospect Lift needs motor replacement

[ By Kendra Walker ]

With more snow finally dropping and more in the forecast, Crested Butte Mountain Resort snowmakers are hard at work taking advantage of cold temperatures each night for snowmaking with the hopes of opening new terrain soon.

In addition to the Red Lady Express, the new and improved Peachtree Lift is now open and the Teocalli Lift opened over the weekend.

“Snowmaking is progressing at CBMR and we’re excited to be back skiing and riding!” said Jess Miller, senior manager of communications for CBMR and Park City Mountain. “We typically make snow throughout the early season until after the holidays. During this period, our snowmakers are focused on providing a trail from top to bottom off of all of our aerial lifts with high-quality, manmade snow. With this, we will continue to follow our historical practice of opening as many lifts and as much terrain as soon as possible, as weather and conditions allow.”

The water CBMR uses for snowmaking comes from the East River and the company has previously stated that “the water diversions are carefully monitored for compliance with all flow requirements and to ensure we are operating within our water rights. The water used for snowmaking is stored in the form of snow during the winter and melts in the spring and summer,” said former communications manager Will Shoemaker. “A large percentage of the water used for snowmaking then cycles back into the local watershed.”

Miller said that CBMR continues to work on opening terrain off of the Teocalli and Paradise lifts. The Aspen and Pine magic carpets are also open, just adjacent to Peachtree’s location.

“It’s the ideal spot for skiers and riders just learning the sport to enhance their skills and progress into terrain accessed by a chairlift,” said Miller. “We’re thrilled to enhance the experience for beginner skiers and riders this season. Peachtree is our stepping stone to the steeps.”

One lift undergoing some maintenance at the moment is the Prospect Lift, which needs a motor replacement. “We are currently working on replacing the motor for our Prospect Lift,” said Miller. “At this time, we anticipate that it will be installed in time for a normally-scheduled opening, weather/conditions permitting.”

With only six percent of the mountain’s terrain currently open, here’s hoping that the latest storm cycle will quickly build on CBMR’s snowmaking momentum.

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