Vail Resorts implements new bonus structure for employees

CBMR employees will see additional $2/hour this season

[  By Mark Reaman  ]

Under vocal feedback from those working for the company along with unusual challenges that showed up this ski season, Vail Resorts last week made an in-season adjustment to its compensation packages and officially implemented a $2/hour raise for associates through an end of the season bonus program. That action will effectively make the minimum starting salary $17/hour for the remainder of the season for those who complete their job through closing day which for CBMR is April 3. 

In a letter from Vail Resorts chief executive officer Kirsten Lynch to VR staff dated January 10, Lynch said resort management officials, “have listened closely to your feedback and committed to taking action… Many of you have had to carry an extra burden this season. Staffing was always going to be tight given the global labor shortage, but the acceleration of Omicron, late snow, and many other factors created particularly challenging impacts for our operations teams. We were all hoping this season would be more “normal,” however, as we went through the busy holiday period, it became apparent that we are still navigating the impacts of this pandemic.”

She explained that the end of the season bonus includes hours worked between January 1, 2022 and the end of the ski season. For Crested Butte Mountain Resort employees that would mean Sunday, April 3. She showed that an employee working 40 hours per week through the middle of April would get a $1,200 bonus. That bonus would be paid in May. The bonus would apply to part-time and full-time hourly CBMR employees including the unionized ski patrol. Certain full-time salaried employees will receive a one-time flat rate end of season bonus. 

Lynch made clear the bonus was for this year “and the unique challenges of this season.” Next season’s pay structure will be reevaluated. “We are committed to reviewing all of our compensation for next year to determine where changes are warranted,” she wrote. “We will share more about that in the months ahead.

“We are a company that embraces change, which means we also embrace feedback when things do not go well and then we adjust,” Lynch continued in her letter. “We are aware that today’s announcement does not address every concern, but it is a commitment to you that we heard you and took action – and we will continue to do so going forward.”

CBMR and Park City senior communications manager Jessica Miller said Lynch listened to employees and made a quick decision. “Kirsten’s announcement of the end-of-season bonus was a result of listening to internal employee feedback and committing to take action,” she explained. “We welcome feedback in a number of ways and want to hear how we can support our employees. We’ve heard positive feedback from managers and employees about the end-of-season bonus.”

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