New building fee schedules approved for unincorporated Gunnison County

Effective immediately

[  By Katherine Nettles  ]

After months of deliberation Gunnison County Commissioners unanimously approved a revised fee schedule on Tuesday, May 4 for land use change, building and onsite wastewater treatment system permit applications for unincorporated Gunnison County. The fee changes, effective as of May 4, will not apply to any municipalities in the valley. 

The fees will now come closer to covering the costs of the service, and the county has previously been subsidizing this shortfall with general fund (taxpayer) money and it totals an average of $237,000 per year. 

Minor impact land use changes, major impact land use changes and public works fees will now go up drastically to cover costs. In most cases, the actual cost to the county will still exceed the updated fees and the revision schedule finds a compromise to minimize the gap. Yet, in many cases that still triples and in some cases quadruples or more the fees that will be passed on to building applicants.  

“We’ve had numerous work sessions on this,” reflected county commissioner chairperson Jonathan Houck. “Minimal correspondence from the public has come through.”

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