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Gunnison Transit Center talks

RTA executive director Scott Truex said he has been working with officials of the county and city of Gunnison to determine the best site for a future Gunnison Transit Center. The idea is to have a convenient location where a large number of passengers can catch the bus, where offices can be located and where transfers with potential buses to Denver and Montrose can be convenient. Among the locations mentioned is near the Gunnison Recreation Center close to the Western campus.

Roland feted for service

Longtime RTA board member and sometimes chairperson Roland Mason was thanked for his service to the RTA. Mason served on the RTA while as both a Crested Butte town councilmember and Gunnison County commissioner. He served a total of 12 years on the RTA board. He will be leaving the county commission as of January. “We grew some small seeds into some pretty big trees,” he noted.

Janet still has the reins

With the exception of the secretary that will now be Liz Smith who is replacing Mason, the RTA officers will remain the same for the next year. Janet Farmer will remain the chair, Jim Miles the vice chair and Jason MacMillan the treasurer.

More surveys…

Surveys of GUC airport passengers are taking place but flight disruptions through the holidays made for some challenging input and the input that was received was a bit spicy at times.

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