Briefs: crested butte council

By Mark Reaman

Food Truck approved for restaurant under emergency ordinance

The Crested Butte town council on February 5 approved allowing a food truck to be parked behind the Hideout Restaurant the next two summers and function as an extension of its kitchen. Restaurant owner Kyleena Falzone had asked for the allowance since the inside kitchen was described as “super small” and the Hideout is planning to seat customers on an expanded deck.

While the town’s current “restaurant emergency” status would allow town manager Dara MacDonald to allow or deny such a request, MacDonald asked the council to respond to the request given the previous political nature of the situation when it comes to anything that impacts brick-and mortar businesses. 

Mayor Ian Billick said the situation seemed to fit with the potential goals of Crested Butte’s restaurant emergency ordinance when a local restaurant owner was asking for assistance. Some on council were ready to move in that direction on a year-to-year basis and Falzone told staff she was appreciative of a potential temporary license allowing the truck on the property. MacDonald issued the temporary allowance on February 6. It will allow the food truck to operate between June 1 and the end of September through 2025. The truck is prohibited from serving walk-up customers and is not allowed to use a generator.

Thinning Red Lady open space trees

Town and a private contractor will work with the Colorado State Forest Service next summer to thin out the 10-acre forest stand at the Red Lady Open Space near the southern entrance to town. Work was scheduled to take place last summer but permitting issues pushed the majority of work into 2024.

Tracking progress

Council and staff reviewed an update on the progress of the so-called significant council agenda items and priorities. Mayor Ian Billick again emphasized the need for a tight Three-Mile Plan agreement with the county that will guide the corridor development around Crested Butte. “It needs enough teeth to not be ignored in the future,” he said. He also said the town needed to help builders implement electrification in town on a cost-efficient basis and show it can be done efficiently.

Town manager Dara MacDonald said town has a lot on its plate. “2024 will be a full year with a lot of work and hopefully a lot of fun,” she said.

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