Elevate rattles off third win in a row

More chaos, more Commandments 

By Than Acuff 

Here I was going to spend the first three paragraphs writing about KBUT DJs talking in the middle of songs, especially tasty jams and vibes, but something else happened Tuesday evening at Tommy V Field that trumps that.

Speaking of trump.

Wait, I already covered that in my other softball story this week but in case you missed it, Fat Bastard took on an octogenarian and chaos ensued.

Now, where was I.

KBUT DJs talking in the middle of songs, trump, ensue, oh right, a fracas ensued at Tommy V Field Tuesday evening.

Let’s start with the good.

It was a beautiful evening for softball, maybe one of the nicest evenings of the summer and the Hares made use of the expansive Tommy V Field to open a 5-0 lead in the top of the first inning on Elevate.

The reigning King of Soul, or in his case sole, Lucas McMullen started things off stretching for a leadoff double and reached third on a double from Kent Fulton. Subsequent consecutive doubles from Ralph Landi and Jay Indovino pushed three runs home, Sam Lumb cracked an RBI single and then a walk scored one more run before Elevate shut it down.

Elevate would reel in the Hares by the end of the second inning as an RBI single by Courtney Bock and a three run inside the park home run by Sam Reaman cut the Hares’ lead down to one with Indovino standing between Elevate and additional runs when he snagged a line drive down the third base line bound for no man’s land.

But the Hares maintained their hitting ways as Connor Brown and Indovino each knocked base hits and scored on a triple by Alex Mattes-Ritz.

It took the women to then elevate Elevate as Liz Wigginton, Isabel Lucas and Paige Rummery each connected for base hits to score three runs and tie the game 7-7 heading into the fourth inning. 

Then things got not so good.

I will sum it up with a couple additions to the Commandments of Softball.

Thou shalt not stand in the base path.

Thou shalt not run over anyone, but certainly not someone near 80 years old.

And the Mother of all Commandments…

Thou shalt not take town league softball too seriously.

Once things settled down, relatively, a hit by Robbie Holleran finally eluded Kent Fulton in the outfield and Jared Martin scored for an 8-7 Elevate lead.

The Hares’ bats fell silent in the top of the fifth inning and softball warrior Lumb returned to play out the next inning as Elevate tacked on three more runs off a walk and a two RBI double from Bock.

The Hares did manage one more run in the top of the sixth inning as a string of base hits by Mark Bortolin, Mattes-Ritz and Don Bunnell set up Brian Brown for an RBI single but Elevate remained hot at the plate, again led by the women. Wigginton led off with a single down the third base line, Lucas dropped an RBI single in shallow centerfield and Sarah Reese pushed two more runs in with a single. Ashton Mabry slipped an RBI single into the mix for a 15-8 lead. Landi made a heroic play at shortstop to get a force out at second base, but the game reached its time limit and was subsequently ended right then and there. 

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