KBUT dials in win over ZUNI Renegades in softball

CB South Barmuda triangle in effect

By Than Acuff 

Step outside the bubble and it’s been a helluva week as we were subjected to a confused octogenarian and Fat Bastard trading off confusion with lies fueling more confusion on TV, the Supreme Court handing Fat Bastard unfettered power when he becomes President, which he likely will unless the Democraps can pull off a Hail Mary, and the US soccer team blowing it.

Wait, who’s the better golfer?

So, let’s all return to the bubble, the warm embrace of town league softball, as the world, the country and the climate all collapse.

KBUT and the ZUNI Renegades got down to business last Wednesday, June 26, at Gothic Field with Disco the theme to send Kelley Dole off in fine fashion in her last game as a KBUT player and her last days at KBUT.

And her team sent her off in style as they came out hot, turned lukewarm and then heated back up to take down ZUNI Renegades 18-9. Fortunately, the ZUNI players had somewhere to go after the game to ease their pain as the bar is open! That’s right, ZUNI Street Brewing is open in CB South, aka ZUNI West, completing the Barmuda Triangle South. 

KBUT turned up the volume early scoring seven runs in the top of the first inning as consecutive RBI triples from Carly Webb and Shawn Harrington drove in their first two runs. Katie Harper added in her two cents with an RBI single and two more base hits loaded the bases for Ahmed Moidduin who drove two more KBUT runs in with a double. Sonny Burgess, who started it all with a leadoff double, capped it all with a two RBI double on his second trip to the plate and KBUT was out front 7-0 before anyone could finish their first beer.

ZUNI had a little bit in response scoring two runs off hits from Cody Hawkins and Peace Wheeler-Schaefer, but a powerbunt RBI single by Courtney Welsh had KBUT still in charge 8-2.

The same could be said for the bottom of the second inning and the top of the third as Jesse Smith drove in a ZUNI run with a double to right center, but before they could get going, KBUT shortstop Brian Lynch dove to stop a ground ball and flipped the ball to Harper covering second to end things.

KBUT then added a ninth run as Burgess doubled and scored off a single by Webb, but change was in the air as the KBUT bats appeared to be cooling off.

Unfortunately, ZUNI only took slight advantage of the comeback door that was then open. Brian McClarney poked an RBI triple and Ben Somrak stoked the ZUNI fires with a big hustle infield single to lead off the bottom of the fourth and scored off an RBI double by Nadine Allen. Krystal Ramsey poked an RBI single, and ZUNI was rolling until a perfectly executed relay from the outfield by KBUT nailed a ZUNI runner at home. Kate Schmidt did knock an RBI single down the third base line to pull ZUNI within four runs heading into the fifth inning, but they needed more as the KBUT bats heated back up.

Harrington and Jo Ellipsis both connected for base hit RBIs and then Lynch crushed a three-run home run over the left center fence to rebuild KBUT’s lead back to nine runs. 

ZUNI shot themselves in the foot running on a fly ball to give up a double play and squash another potential comeback and Jess Ladwig and Seth Quigg each scored two more KBUT runs with base hits down the stretch to seal the 18-9 KBUT win.

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