Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Profile: Lisa Sallee

Delivering Joy   She unwinds in her recliner with a glass of wine, watching Ghost Adventures, A Haunting, and the Gold …

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Profile: Bob Puglisi

At first glance, Bob Puglisi looks as though he should be a character in a film. He’s reached an age of …

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Profile: Rick Barton

The man of many cloths At the Crested Butte Ski School, instructor Rick Barton is exchanging warm, comical banter with a …

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PROFILE: Bart Laemmel

Unbound Energy For a streamlined design that is the epitome of slick Ikea digs, Bart Laemmel’s home is surprisingly warm with …

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PROFILE: Ling Ling

Just a Small Town Boy In between fragments of barely audible sentences, the grill flames are stabbing the air with sizzling …

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PROFILE: Patti Gast

Poised between two guitarists, Patti Gast is more a folk singer in modern times with her smooth voice, skirt below the …

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