Ball Bashers thanks

To the Editor:
The 2010 Crested Butte Ball Bash was a great success. The ninth annual tournament raised money for the Crested Butte Parks and Recreation Youth Scholarship Fund. We would like to take a moment to thank all who supported, sponsored, volunteered, participated, and cheered throughout the weekend, and apologize for those we may have missed.
Our sponsors: Crested Butte Mountain Resort, the Colorado Lottery, Avalanche Bar & Grill, Unicorn Enterprises Carpet Cleaning, Crested Butte Rental Center, Marchitelli’s Firehouse Grill, Edgar & Jennie Villanueva, The Wheeler Family, and Jill Lindros. Your contributions will ensure that youth are never turned away for financial reasons.
Thank you to Kaleb Schultz and Isaac Evans who served it up right for the Tommy Ruben Villanueva Sports and Recreation Fund’s concession stand. The grilling wouldn’t have happened without Michael Villanueva and the huge burgers from Maxwell’s. Delicious.
Thank you to the Wheeler Family for providing the sound system and PA. This was a special treat all weekend, and especially during the Home Run Derby. Thanks to the tireless ball shagging judges during the derby, some of who competed themselves: Ian Baird, Judd Mesaris, Molly Keating, C.J. Hoigaard, Paul Hoder, and Chris “Spaggs” Spagnoletti. Josh Schumacher, you have a future in announcing.
To the Parks Crew: Thank you. The Tommy V Field played great and looked even better all weekend. Ian and Judd sacrificed their precious warm-up time to re-drag and line the field prior to the championship game, and still won. The “Blues:” Ed Benner, Mark Bortolin, Patrick Henry Cashion, and Dave “Mac” McGuire, thank you for making the tough calls as umpires all weekend.
For those who missed us this weekend, here’s a Ball Bash recap:
Tournament Champions, the Dark Stars led by Ian Baird. Home Run Derby Champions were Molly Keating, and Josh Schumacher. The Tommy Ruben Villanueva Memorial MVP award went to Pete Basille. Andrea (Schultz) Schumacher was awarded the John Wheeler Memorial Sportsmanship Award.
It’s never too late to contribute to youth programs or pick up official 2010 Ball Bash memorabilia. Contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 349-7197, or swing by Town Hall.

Lauren Alkire
Town of Crested Butte
Recreation Program Coordinator

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