In appreciation for Arts Fest support

Dear Mark:
I’m not sure where to begin in my long list of people, organizations and businesses which need to be thanked for their part in making the Crested Butte Arts Festival a success. So many people took time out of their busy lives to volunteer, donate, organize and participate in the festival and I am overwhelmed with the show of support.
First and foremost I would like to thank the assistant director Jenny Thomes, whose ability to focus amidst the chaos and never lose her sense of humor helped me more than she knows. Secondly I would like to thank my board of directors: Diane Markowitz, Annie Tunkey, Marla Covey, Connie Hayden, Joyce Lamb & Susan Brickman. These six women are the hardest working women I know and their enthusiasm and dedication to the Crested Butte Arts Festival keep me inspired and encouraged year after year. The board handled everything from coordinating our artist hospitality suite, to collecting taxes, to recruiting chefs and artists for our demonstration tents, and even pouring beer and picking up trash.
Special mention needs to be given to our incredible committee chairs—Luisa Naughton & Sarah Keene who organized and ran a very successful Art Auction; Kelly Frimmel and the Trailhead Crew for putting together the best Art Alley yet; Wendy Norris & Ryan Baldwin who ensured our exhibitor standards were up to snuff, Jen Marchitelli who collected amazing swag for our volunteer give aways; and Kristina Patten for planning and executing fabulous food & beverages for our exhibiting artists. Carol Smith and Juliette Eymere were the perfect ambassadors for our new culinary events and left the patrons fat, happy and promising to return next year. Kudos to entertainment director Bruce Hayes, who booked another stellar line up of musicians and entertainers. It was great to see so many people dancing and enjoying the entertainment.
The Wheeler family at Crested Butte Rentals again managed to juggle a million things at once and got all of our tents and staging up with staggering speed and smiles on their faces. Gary Cliffman of Red Mountain Log Works generously donated the use of his furniture in the beer & wine pavilion and Andrew Hadley & Bill Lacy allowed us to use their power to keep the beer cold. Joseph Moseley of AMERIGAS donated propane used in the Culinary Demo Tent and Coldwell Banker/Bighorn Realty supplied the power for the generator.
Wanda Bearth, Patrick Seaman and Crested Butte Lodging & Property Management went above and beyond to house all of our sponsors, volunteers and VIPs for the event. Karen Fowler, Jeff Whiteside and Lacy Wright of CBMR were tireless, supportive and fantastic to work with. William Buck and Buck Mountain Security helped with crowd control, fencing, over night security and much more. Southern Wine & Spirits, Underdog Wine Merchants, Pernod Riccard, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, Tribe, Inc.„, Rocky Mountain Restaurant Consulting, Viking and Oskar Blues were invaluable as our sponsors.
This was a true community effort and I am so grateful to our 90 plus volunteers, all the chefs who participated in the demos and to everyone who attended the festival and shopped for art to add to their collection. Please keep an eye out for a community planning session this fall where the CBAF will seek input from local businesses and community members on ways to improve the festival.

With a sigh of relief and huge thanks,
Diana Ralston
Executive Director, CBAF

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