Long time local can’t get break from real local

36 years outweighs 35 years

Much loved community member Cool Hand Joe is leaving town at the end of the winter season.  Joe moved here in October 1976 looking to find a cool town where he could grow his hair out long enough to braid, avoid the draft by changing his name legally to Cool Hand Joe and ski in his overalls. 
After 35 years Joe has had enough and is said to “not want to take it anymore.”  He can’t take the constant pressure from his best friend Rasta Eric who insists upon reminding Joe that he’s not local enough.  “I mean 35 years!?!  What kind of nonsense is that.  I’ve lived here for 36 years and I’ve seen more snowfall, more change, more in general than Joe will have ever seen.  I’ve got the years to prove it.  Plain and simple.”  
Rasta Eric moved to Crested Butte in October 1975 and is in a constant competition with his friend over things like which building stood where the Idle Spur is in the 70s or which of their friends coined the phrase “Sickbird natty dread baldhead Nayabinghi.”  
Joe has some advice for any newbies that think that this is the place for them.  “Get out now.  You will never be a true local so you may as well quit while you’re ahead.  I learned that the hard way.”  A party will be held at the Old Canadian on Friday night to bid Joe farewell on his new adventure. Free Poutine for the first 30 attendees.

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