Briefs Crested Butte

by Mark Reaman

Idea for a gravel pit campground

The Crested Butte council was approached by Cari and Kevin Freeman, owners of the Crested Butte RV Resort located in Riverland, about the idea of using the town’s gravel pit behind the school as a seasonal campground.

“We have a camping crisis in the valley and it is impacting our resources,” Cari told the council.

She floated the idea of the town leasing the gravel pit area for camping. She estimated it could accommodate 10 tent sites and 30 to 35 RV sites. It would be minimalist with no electricity or water and would be pretty much out of view of Highway 135 traffic. “That could reduce camping in the area backcountry by several hundred people,” she said.

Cari said their 18 spot campsite was maxed out for most of the summer and they have the ability to manage a new campground. They will meet with town manager Todd Crossett to discuss the options.

Council to put sales tax increase proposal on fall ballot

The council appears in favor of putting a .5 percent sales tax increase question to the voters this fall that will be earmarked for parks and recreation maintenance. They were not enamored with the proposed ballot language given to them at the August 4 meeting but they will flesh out the wording at the August 17 council meeting.

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