Crested Butte Post Office indicates it’s time to move

First step in a public process to relocate from the center of town

[  By Mark Reaman  ]

A letter addressed to Crested Butte mayor Ian Billick was taped to the inside door of the post office early this week and indicates the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is beginning a relocation process for the facility. Signed by USPS real estate specialist Robb Groetzinger, the letter states that the agency is “considering relocating the retail services currently provided at the (current) post office to a new location within the 81224 Zip Code.”

The letter, dated April 18, is in part an invitation to Billick to participate in a formal process to solicit and consider input from the community and local officials and specifically is an offer “to discuss the project with you. In our discussion, I would address the specific need the Postal Service faces, outline the proposal that is under consideration, explain our process for soliciting and considering input from the affected community, and ask for input from you and other local officials regarding the proposal.” Groetzinger asks that Billick get back in touch with him by May 24.

Billick responded to an email from the CB News while out of town for spring break saying he had not heard of the move. Community development director Troy Russ said the town staff has not yet been in the loop over the idea. Crested Butte town manager Dara MacDonald has for years attempted to convey to USPS officials the challenges of the Crested Butte post office but has been frustrated by the lack of communication.

The posted letter states that because of pandemic impacts, the public meeting that is part of the normal process will not be held because of the risk to employees and customers. Instead, information will be posted in the lobby of the current post office. Public comments and appeals will be accepted in the course of the process.

After the public process, the USPS will make a decision on the best relocation space and then inform Billick and the community about its decision.

An email sent to Groetzinger on Tuesday asking for more details of the reasoning and process did not generate a reply as of press time.

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