Benchtalk March 11, 2016

Battle for Dave Theis

Lace ‘em up this Sunday, March 13 for the Stephen Gardner Memorial Indoor Soccer Tournament, the Battle for Dave Theis at the Crested Butte Community School 10 a.m.-4 p.m. It’s a HAT tournament open to ages 16 and up and all abilities are encouraged to play, as teams will be picked randomly the morning of the event. Sign up will be from 8-9:30 a.m. and it’s just $15 to play, or $25 to play and attend the banquet that evening at the Pump Room from 5-8 p.m. where there will be food, drinks and a raffle. All proceeds to help cover the costs of Dave Theis’ battle with cancer. For more info or to sign up early contact Brian Fenerty at 901-5715.

Are YOU ready to dance? 

The 39th Annual Red Lady Salvation Ball is THIS Saturday, March 12. HCCA is extremely excited to celebrate the 39th year of a mine-free Red Lady, and we’re teaming up with Euforquestra to mark this momentous occasion

Spring Ahead

Remember to change your clocks one hour ahead Sunday morning at 2 a.m.

Roxana Alvarez Martí Artist Reception Thursday at Piper Gallery 

Roxana Alvarez Martí shares a large-scale, mixed media painting series exploring the corruptive effect that time has on our memories, with “Penumbra: Entre Neblina y Memoria (Through Mist and Memory).” Roxana studied Art and Structural Media at CUNY–Hunter in New York City. She has been involved with various large-scale theater and art installations including acting as creative director of “The Manjushri Project,” and production coordinator for ”Pictures of You: Images from Iran.” Architecture, textiles and film influence her installation work and paintings. The show opens Thursday, March 10 from 6 to 8 p.m. and runs through March 21. at the Piper Gallery.

Pendulum Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture training event

An opportunity for Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture is coming to the valley. Karen Rice King, master dowser who worked with world-renowned Slim Spurling, is giving a workshop in Gunnison June 11-12, on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Participants will receive their own set of rods, and will learn to dowse and to place the rods. People, animals, water, trees and gardens can benefit with the placement of these copper rods, a.k.a. ”earth acupuncture.” Also, if you like the idea but can’t attend, or prefer Karen to set the rods on your property, she will be in town for a week to accommodate a few property adjustments. Please call Barbara Haas at (970) 641-2093 for more information. The event will take place at her home.

Paint AND Pinot: St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, from 6 to 9 p.m., join instructor Molly Darby at the Gunnison Art Center, and use acrylic paints and techniques to have fun creating a new and modern painting on canvas. And all the while, enjoy a tasty selection of pinot wines. You will go home with a finished painting you can call your own, perfect for giving away as a gift, or as a piece to keep for your own décor. The fee of $35 includes all supplies, two drinks and appetizers.


March 10- Leta Maunz, Katy Taylor, Bailey Valian

March 11- Tracy VanSickle, Carol Colman

March 12- Brooke MacMillen, Lindsey Siera Gross, Pete Curvin, Dave

Swanwick, Dony Miller, Steph Prater, Forrest Leas, Jennifer Golsby, Vincent Michel, Heidi Jobson, Bonnie Lynn

March 13- Martha Gabel, Posey Nelson. Renee Emmitt

March 14- John Hickey, Renee Wright, Sue Navy, Laura Welch

March 15- Caren Caroll, Carolyn Helm, Lisa Smith, Nina

Madden, Chris Wiig, Greg Wiggins, Kevin Reinert, Ben Reaman

March 16- Mary Haskell, Kent Laskin, Skyler Miller, Alia Sahr and Ayla Sahr, Heather Connor

Cameos: What would be your U.S. presidential campaign slogan?


Less human babies, more canine children

Gabe Waters


Stomp the Trump.

Shelly Waters



Kyle Smith


Vote for Sam and all your wildest dreams will come true.

Sam Schuhmacher


Less politicians, more girl power!

Georgia Schuhmacher


PUNK’S NOT DEAD: A tribute to Jeremy Worrell was held at the Eldo on Friday night. photo by Petar Dopchev


NEWLYWEDS:  Laura Puckett and Peter Daniels were married on February 16 at the Magic Meadows Yurt surrounded by friends and family.      photo by Petar Dopchev


CONGRATULATIONS:  Alyssa Dautrich and Sam Moore exchanged wedding vows in Bibione, Italy on June 7, 2014.  They filed their marriage license and Alyssa changed her last name to Moore in February 2016.      courtesy photo


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