Adagio moving forward with plans for CB South

Commercial lots, townhomes and possibly a library

By Katherine Nettles

On the heels of a new brewery and taproom opening in Crested Butte South last week, another project may be breaking ground later this year that could bring several more commercial opportunities and housing options to the CB South commercial area. 

Adagio Properties, LLC has proposed a subdivision for almost six acres within Block 6 in the CB South commercial zone, and the Gunnison County Planning Commission approved the proposal with conditions on June 20. The planning commission also approved of the project going through administrative review rather than a more extensive minor impact review process with the county Land Use Resolution (LUR) that, among other things, will not require a public hearing.

Adagio’s proposal would create 11 total lots within block 6 of the village core, which would be accessed from Gillaspey Avenue and Haverly Street and a new private road, to be named Ford’s Way, would provide internal access and circulation. The new road would be paved, plowed and maintained by two new HOAs, and domestic water and sewer services would be provided by CB South Metro District. 

The area spans 5.89 acres total, and one of the commercial mixed-use lots is the Crested Butte Dental office that has already been built. The Gunnison County Library District is under contract to purchase a one-acre corner lot to build a library branch as a major anchor to the parcel as well. Four other lots are platted for duplex, triplex or fourplex units, totaling 19 townhomes.

Adagio Properties has owned Block 6 since 2012. “We’ve been working closely with the community and the Property Owner Association Board for over six years on a master plan that honors the needs, goals and vision for Crested Butte South. That plan has culminated in a “commercial core” of ten mixed-use commercial/residential  lots for sale,” said Clark Atkinson, the developer. “We see CB South as a vital part of the greater Gunnison Valley, and have worked closely with numerous stakeholders to provide a thoughtful ‘commercial core’ that honors the unique attributes of the community. Doctors Dave and Chelse Stangl were the first to develop on Lot 1. Their thoughtfully designed dental clinic on Glacier Street with residential housing above perfectly models the future for the remaining  commercial lots that are available to other visionary businesses that want to locate in the heart of CB South.” 

 Atkinson continued, “Adagio is super excited to have such an important civic asset be envisioned by the Library Board for the CB South Community. Negotiations with other buyers are being held on two of the  eight remaining available commercial/residential  lots. To mirror the residential use to the north, a total of nineteen townhomes are envisioned along Haverly Street.  

The CB South Property Owner’s Association (POA) approved the project with conditions in February 2024. The uses, dimensions and design standards would be aligned with the POA’s recently updated Commercial Area Master Plan (CAMP) document, and the planning commission agreed with county staff recommendations recognizing that CB South, as a special use area, has some autonomy and most of the planning and compliance work has been accomplished between the POA and the developer. 

The project is within the Village Center core, and developments in the CB South special area are generally exempt from the county’s LUR requirements. The developer agreement between the county and Adagio includes Adagio providing an access road (Ford’s Way), water and sewer infrastructure, fire hydrants, drainage, a temporary pedestrian trail and eventually a sidewalk.

The planning commission’s initial approval conditions included driveway easement size considerations that account for the proposed height of future structures, and fire hydrants placed the correct distance from one another as required by code and in compliance with the CB South Metro District standards.

Once the county’s planning department completes an administrative review of the project and the developer submits the maintenance agreement for the new road and sidewalks, the draft plat will go before county commissioners for final approval. 

The developer could then begin work on the improvements beginning with infrastructure.

Adagio said they are hoping to begin installing that infrastructure this fall. 

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